Newsletter Week 7 Term 3 2022

School Prayer

Message from the Principal



Hopefully you have noticed a few changes to the school newsletter. Firstly, the newsletter will now be published every 2 weeks. Secondly, we have changed the format of the newsletter so that it should now be easy to read on any device. Please send us feedback about these changes.



This week have celebrated NAIDOC week. We celebrate and recognise the rich history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC week is the opportunity to learn more about First Nations Cultures and histories.


School Values

Over the past few week’s teachers have been talking to students about our school value RESPECT and what it means to them. The students came up with a variety of ways they show RESPECT in their daily lives. Below are some examples:

Respect means treating others equally and encouraging others to be kind, work hard and have fun

Respect is being honest, listening and using manners

Respect is no bullying and being inclusive

Respect is making others feel happy

Respect is treating others the way you wish to be treated

Respect is where people pick up rubbish we see, even if it not ours

Respect is not talking over someone when they are talking

Respect is seeing all cultures as equal

Respect is saying nice things to your friends

Respect is treating people as if they are Jesus and how they would treat Jesus if He were at school

Respect is standing up for people


School Start

Getting a good start to each day is so important to students learning. Arriving at school prior to the 8:50am start bell allows students to settle into their day. Learning starts just after 8:50am and for those students who arrive late they miss out on the most important part of a lesson. It also means they must spend their start trying to catch up. For many families getting ready each morning can be busy and chaotic. There are ways to make it smoother by talking to children and together writing a simple morning schedule.


Book Week

What an amazing Book Week we had! It was wonderful to see how all our students dressed up as their favourite book characters. It was also pleasing to see to all staff joining in. A special mention to Mrs Tomazin for all her hard work in making the book week parade such a memorable occasion and for all the extra work she does to make our library the outstanding place it is.


Catholic school Parents Association Survey

Have your say on what matters regarding the well-being and learning of your child. For example, has COVID or your partnership with the school affected your child’s well-being and learning? If you are a parent or carer with a child in a Catholic school, CSPA would love to hear from you. Click on the survey link – CSPA 2022 PARENT SURVEY and share your feedback to assist CSPA in reporting to the Federal Government and Catholic education. Your feedback will remain anonymous.



R U OK? Day is when we remind Australians that every day is the day to  ask, ‘are you OK?’ and start a meaningful conversation whenever they spot the signs that someone they care about might be struggling with life. At Good Shepherd we will be having a Wellness Week next week were we especially focus on student wellbeing. One of the things we will be doing that students are sure to love is a week of NO HOMEWORK. This is a great opportunity to encourage your child to play outdoors. For more information about R U OK? Please follow the link below:

A conversation could change a life | R U OK?


God Bless


Nic Gaglia


Person of the Week


to our most recent Person of the Week

Sophie. R

Sophie is compassionate and kind. She is always willing to help others and eager to comfort someone who is having a hard time. Sophie is polite, friendly and respectful. She has beautiful manners, speaks kindly to everyone and is always thoughtful in her actions. She is honest, trustworthy and exhibits strong leadership skills for someone so young. We are so grateful to have her warm heart and beautiful smile in our 1B classroom and we are blessed that she is part of the Good Shepherd Community. Congratulations Sophie!




Kaya (Hello). NAIDOC Week was celebrated nationally from 3rd July – 10th July which was during our school holidays. The theme of NAIDOC Week for this year is Get up! Stand up! Show up! NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. NAIDOC Week is a celebration held every year and lasts for one week.

We commenced our NAIDOC celebrations with a Water in Aboriginal Culture incursion for Years 2-6. Harley Johnston from the Water Corporation

· Broadened the students understanding of Aboriginal culture

· He helped them understand the techniques used by Noongar people to locate and transport water

· He shared knowledge practices shared among Aboriginal people

· Involved the students in interactive activities where they worked in groups to create a story using Aboriginal symbols cards and they played Djuripin Bingo, where they asked each other questions about Noongar Culture

Classes were involved in activities that helped broaden their kaartdijin (knowledge) of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. We also celebrated the culture, history, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The week concluded with 2B’s Assembly where the whole school sang The Aboriginal Our Father and the School Band playing two Aboriginal songs.

Message from the Year 6 Senior Leaders

Term 3 Senior Leaders

In the previous fortnight, we had Book Week. The variety of outfits was incredible. It is always fantastic to see the teachers dressed up as well. A huge congratulations to Mrs Tomazin for organising this event. On Wednesday, our school hosted a PE teacher's meeting. The faction, music and school captains took teachers on a tour of our facilities before they went to the meeting. It was an opportunity to use our leadership skills. Next week, we have our sports carnival. We look forward to welcoming everyone to come and support our school. Mr B has been busy getting things organised. Have a great week everyone.

Che and Mikelti

Wellness Week

Wellness Week

Week 8 Term 3 we will focus on our wellbeing and have a break from homework! During this week we will relax and have a break. We encourage you to work on your wellbeing by playing outside, play board games and spending time with your family doing things you enjoy.

On Wednesday 7th September you will be invited to wear a touch of yellow, this can be yellow clothes, hair ties, socks to acknowledge R U OK Day?

Keeping Safe: Child Safety Protection Curriculum (KS:CPC)

KSCPC image

The KS:CPC teaches children and young people to recognise abuse, tell a trusted adult, understand what is appropriate and inappropriate touching and ways of keeping themselves safe.


The curriculum is based on two main themes which are presented through topics and activities.

·       Theme 1: We all have the right to be safe

·       Theme 2: We can help ourselves to be safe by talking to people we trust.

Focus Areas

The two themes are explored through four Focus Areas, which are examined in growing complexity in accordance with the age of the learners.

1.        The right to be safe

2.        Relationships

3.        Recognising and reporting abuse

4.        Protective strategies.

More information can be found on the KS:CPC website:

Scholastic Book Club

Book club brochures have been sent home this week for students and parents to purchase some fantastic books. This is a great way to foster the love of reading for your child as they get to choose what they are interested in! Orders can be made through Loop by following the instructions on the brochure. Alternatively, you can place an order form with the correct money in a sealed envelope with your child's name and class clearly labelled. Please ensure that the correct amount is sent in as no change will be given.

Book Club orders are due: 6/9/2022

Shrek the Musical

Congratulations to Helina Degafe from 1W who is a cast member in Shrek the musical which is showing at the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre on the 10th and 11th of September.


For those interested in this performance, tickets can be purchased via the link

Shrek Musical

P&F Page


Today we held our first Father’s/Special person’s day afternoon tea. With over 300 people in attendance, it was a great start to the weekend.  We would like to thank the school band who entertained us and all of our volunteers who helped with set up.  We hope everyone had a lovely afternoon spending it with your child/ren and getting to see a part of their world for a short time.

Wishing our school dads a very Happy Father’s Day for Sunday!



Tuesday 20 Sept 2022

Hall Meeting room at 7.00pm


Holly Vecchi (President)
0424 529 329

Sara Andacic (Vice President)
0407 699 746


Facebook: Click the icon to join the P&F Facebook group

Merit Awards

Merit Award

Congratulations to our most recent Merit Certificate winners:

PPB Alex. M & Myra. J
PPW Jujhar. S & Natasha. N
1B Liam. P & Elijah. P
1W George. W & Ifeanyi. V
2B Stephanie. M & Arjun. M
2W Elise. G
3B Eliza. G, Alexander. S & Isaac. B
3W Himani. K & Zayven. R
4B Domenica. A & Christopher. W
4W Alessio. B& Jack. E
5B Alessio. D, Jiro. N & Xavier. B
5W Keturah. R & Leila. S
6B Coco. F
6W Alby. J & Lucas. M

Earobics    Isabella. C

Star Class

A big congratulations to Good Shepherd’s Star Class which has been awarded and well earned by 4W. Congratulations to all the students for their efforts and well done to Mrs Weiner 

Faction Points

Faction Points


Francis House 773
Maali House 772
Noonan House 687
Foley House 592
Star Class


The following celebrated a birthday recently.  We wish them a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Ronan  PPB                 Danny 2W
Ifechukwu 3B             Saathvik KW
Hannah KB                 Saanika 4W
Chelsea 3B                  Jared 4B
Anna KB                     Valerie 5W
Ophelia PPB               Qeshaun 1W
Emme 4W                   Sarah 6W
Ashrika KB                 Bridget 2W
Jayden 5B                   Annaliesse 6B
Harper PPW                Amber 4B
Mikelti 6W                 Mrs Atkinson

Dates to Remember


Jumps and Throws Carnival
8th September

Sports Carnival
9th September

Mass – 2W
16th September

Music Night
21st September

Sushi Day
21st September

End of Term 3
22nd September

Term Dates

Term Dates

Term 3 

Monday 18th July - Thursday 22nd September

Term 4

Monday 10th October - Friday 9th  December

Pupil Free Days

Monday 7th November

Library Help Needed


We have an abundance of library books that are ready for covering.  If you would like to cover books, please come into the library and collect a small bag of books and we will provide the roll of contact.  This way you can cover the books at your convenience. If you can help, please come, and see Mrs Tomazin in the library.  Thank you so much.  Helen Tomazin, Library Technician

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Recess orders will be accepted from all students in Kindy to Year 6.  We ask parents to write their order on an envelope and place the correct money to avoid handling change.  The Canteen Menu is available on our Website:

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop

The following items are out of stock at the uniform shop:

Rugby shorts  -  Size 2

Jumpers  - Size 2  and 6

As soon as we receive stock a message will be sent to families via sms or newsletter.

Please also note that in addition to the above items ZIP JACKETS of all sizes are out of stock and will not be available in the near future.

Children in PrePrimary to Year 6 are allowed to wear Jumpers instead of the Jackets

Uniform Shop Trading Hours
Tuesday 8:15am – 9:15am
Friday 2:15pm – 3:15pm

JD's DOJO Self-Defence Classes