Good Shepherd Catholic School is a Catholic school and as such aims to develop the whole child:


You, the parents, are the primary educators of your children both in the faith and in ensuring they apply themselves to their schooling.  The school is the secondary educator of your child and as such, we, the staff, are here to help you in the education of your child.

Good Shepherd Catholic School endeavours to fulfill the Mandate of the Bishops, to make Catholic education available to all Catholic children within the Parish of Good Shepherd, Lockridge.

  1. Applications for enrolment will be considered according to the following enrolment priorities:
    1. Catholic students from the Parish
    2. Catholic students from outside the Parish
    3. Siblings of non-Catholic students
    4. Non-Catholic students from other Christian denominations
    5. Other Non-Catholic students

Please view our Enrolment Procedure HERE


Parents are required to submit to the office a completed Application for Enrolment Form located HERE together with a copy of:

Please submit your completed Application for Enrolment Form together with the $55 Application Enrolment fee to the Administration Office.

Please Note:  This form is an application only and does not mean automatic acceptance.  All enrolments are subject to an interview with the Principal.


Future Kindergarten Enrolments
All applications are accepted and close at the end of the school year in December 2 years prior to the required Kindergarten admission year to allow ample time for processing. (Eg. to enrol your child in Kindergarten 2030, applications will close at the end of the school year in December 2028)

To find out what year your child will need to commence school follow the link HERE to access the school-age calculator on the Department of Education Website