Our School

Catholic Schools build a culture of enquiry amongst staff and students whilst modelling a love of learning. This responsibility includes the promotion of professional learning communities amongst teachers, supporting learning at the level of the school and wider system, instilling Catholic values through the curriculum and supporting and managing the school improvement process.


Catholic schools promote the purposes and aims of evangelisation, develop the school as a faith community, reflect Gospel values in attitudes, school policies and practices and foster dynamic relationships with the local parish and Diocesan Church.

Catholic schools model and promote care for the natural environmental resources in the context of the school and broader community. We recruit, develop and appraise staff according to transparent processes in addition to catering for the well-being of both staff and members of the school community. Catholic Schools draft, administer and monitor the school budget whilst developing and maintaining school facilities in line with both financial considerations and student needs. Catholic Schools monitor, review and report to Church, Government and other authorities to ensure compliance and accountability.