Religious Education

Good Shepherd recognises that parents are the primary educators of their children in faith. Our Religious Education program aims to help students learn the teachings of the Gospel as proclaimed by the Catholic Church. Students develop a sense of the nature of Christianity and how Christians live their lives as part of their learning.


Our students follow the Religious Education Guidelines of the Archdiocese of Perth. Lessons range between 15 – 30 minutes daily depending on year levels and content.

Prayer takes place daily in the classroom and we celebrate mass every third Friday as well as on significant Feast Days. Our Parish Priest Father Aloysius Leong celebrates these occasions with us and is a regular visitor to our school.

Parents are encouraged and welcome to attend these occasions.


Religious Education Units

The Archdiocesan Religious Education Units are implemented in each of our classes which exposes the children to ongoing development and a deepening understanding and preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation.

The students are provided with the opportunity to regularly receive Sacraments within their life as a member of Good Shepherd Catholic Parish.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation takes place in Year 3, the Sacrament of Eucharist in Year 4 and the Sacrament of Confirmation in Year 6.

Parents are assisted to help prepare their children for these Sacraments, through a Parish based program.


Good Shepherd Catholic School is a MJR school

Making Jesus Real (MJR) is a programme designed to foster a relationship with Jesus that is real to the students and relevant to their daily lives. It is centred around the belief that we are the image of Jesus to all people around us. MJR has a simple message – Jesus is part of our lives and can change the way we live; that we can make Jesus real through our daily actions and words.

An important aspect of MJR is learning how to recognise God Moments in an encounter with a friend, a cheerful greeting, a smile, a wink of encouragement, an offer of a helping hand or an unexpected compliment. MJR leads us to be ‘winners and grinners’ rather than ‘moaners and groaners’, to look for positives in each day, and to make sure we let others know how much we appreciate them in our lives, and how to pass on the Good News each day.

We call Making Jesus Real a programme but it is really just a Christian way of life. We live our daily lives and the best results occur when we take the opportunity to stop and reflect each day for 60 seconds and ask, “Where was Jesus in my life today?”