Extracurricular activities are organised activities for students of all ages outside of the regular school program.

Such activities are dependent on the good-will of staff and the support of the parents and children.

Extracurricular activities offered at Good Shepherd Catholic School are exampled by organized sports, music programs, and religious activities :

  • The Sacramental programs offered in co-operation with the Parish
  • Good Shepherd Basketball Club
  • Good Shepherd Netball Club
  • The School’s choir engagement with:
    • The Performing Arts Festival
    • Visiting retirement homes for Christmas Carols
  • Auskick and AFL programs
  • Training before or after school prior to Inter school Carnivals:
    • Athletics
    • Swimming
    • Cross-country
  • Year 6 Social
  • Graduation Mass and Dance
  • Parents and Friends Discos
  • Year 6 Camp