Leadership Program

The acceptance and development of responsibility is a cornerstone of developing good citizens.

To ensure that all children are provided with the opportunity to experience and develop these requisite life skills and attitude Good Shepherd Catholic School distributes equally across the Year 6 class groups responsibility for duties that enhance our school and their understanding of service as outlined through the Gospels.


The Year Six Leadership Programme aims to:

  1. Develop the servant leader qualities of the Gospel by entrusting specific areas of responsibility to each individual within a group structure.
  2. Teach that in order to lead the individual must learn to:
    1. Serve
    2. Be alert to their role
    3. Be true to their role
    4. Deal with interactions in formal and informal settings
    5. Develop strategies to enable each individual to cope with peer pressure.
  3. Develop and extend the individuals skills and confidence in interacting with adults in positions of authority.