Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Policy is the umbrella from which a number of other policies evolve. These policies support the aims of the Pastoral Care Policy and the practical aspects of the implementation of the Pastoral Care Policy.


  1. The Pastoral Care Policy brings to life the efforts to live out the school’s Vision Statement.
  2. Each individual is of value and shall be respected as they are made in the image of Christ.
  3. Individuals learn by their life experiences.
  4. There are rules and expectations that come from living within a community and each person within that community is accountable for their actions.

Policies issued under the Pastoral Care Policy include:

  1. Managing Student Behaviour Policy which includes
    1. School rules
    2. Managing Student Behaviour Class Plans
  2. Homework
  3. Bullying Policy
  4. Communication between:
    1. Parent – Staff
    2. Child – Staff
    3. Staff – Staff
    4. Board, Parents & Friends to Staff
    5. Board, Parents & Friends to Parents
    6. Principal to Staff
    7. Principal to Children and Parents