The school Canteen complies with the Healthy Foods Policy and is managed on behalf of the School Advisory Council by Mrs Debbie Aden.

The Canteen is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for recess and lunch.

Our school Canteen adheres to the Traffic Light system introduced by the Government in 2006. This policy places food into categories based on a Traffic Light. Our menu must comply and consist of a minimum of 60% green.

GREEN – must predominately fill the menu

AMBER – select carefully and limit sales

RED – off the menu

The Canteen Menu has been colour coded for your reference.

How to Order Recess or Lunch
Please write your child’s name, class and order on a lunch bag/envelope and enclose correct money (where change is required it is taped at the corner of the lunch bag). Place order in the Canteen box provided in each classroom. Orders can also be written at the canteen each morning before school.

Canteen opens at 8:30 am.

Pre-ordering of lunches for future days is not accepted.

Late Orders or Emergency Lunches
Extra food, if any is available, will be offered to the child. Alternatively, the child will be provided with a Vegemite or cheese sandwich and a note will be sent home to the parent.

Reheating of Food
Due to Health and Safety Regulations, we are unable to reheat food bought from home.  We thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Please find the Canteen Menu HERE

Canteen Roster