Newsletter Week 9- Term 4 2022


Message from the Principal


Advent is a time in which we prepare for the birth of Jesus at Christmas. The word Advent comes from the Latin “advenio” which translates as “to come to” and refers to the coming of Christ in celebration of his birth at Christmas. When I spoke to the students, I emphasised that at Christmas time we receive gifts but it is the gift giving that brings more joy. I explained that the real special gifts that parents enjoy are ones that they have made or the special words they say.


Christmas Carols

What an amazing evening we had for our school Christmas Carols last week. I really enjoyed the telling of the Christmas story in such an interesting and engaging way. A big thankyou to Mrs Readman and Mr Coleman for their efforts over the past few months in preparing the students. Thank you as well to Mrs Barlow and Miss Luscombe for a well choreographed dance. These types of events don’t work without the support of all staff who help setup, pack away and organising the students. A thank you as well to our wonderful P&F who organised the delicious food vans.


School Fee Decrease

At Good Shepherd we are committed to providing the high quality, Christ-centred and child-focused education alongside all the additional programs that our families have come to expect, in 2023 and beyond. We offer an important choice in schooling and our 5% fee decrease is part of our commitment to the Good Shepherd community we serve, as cost of living pressures are impacting families.


Year 6 Graduation

Congratulations to our Year 6 students and their families on their Graduation. While I have only been here for 6 months it has been wonderful to witness the growth of all our Year 6 students. We wish them all the best for high school.


2023 Student Class allocations

Below in this newsletter is the 2023 staffing. Parents will be notified on Monday the 23rd of January what class students will be in and who their class teacher is.


Bushfire Risk Area

Good Shepherd Catholic School is in a bushfire risk area. As part of our commitment to safety, the school has a clearly defined bushfire plan. This includes lockdown and evacuation procedures. The school also follows a maintenance plan where guttering and downpipes are cleared regularly.


Christmas Wishes

Although I have only been at Good Shepherd for 6 months I have felt so welcomed that it feels like home. I would like to thank staff and families for their ongoing support to make our school the great place it is. One of the amazing things I have loved about Good Shepherd is that we cater to the “many gifts” our students have by offering a diverse program. I believe that through our diverse program we endeavour for each child to achieve their academic potential while ensuring that we place high priority on developing their spiritual, social and emotional well-being.  I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that you get to have some quality time as a family.


God Bless


Nic Gaglia



2023 Staff List

Please see below staffing for 2023.  Class allocations will be sent to families prior to the commencement of the 2023 school year.


Principal      Mr Nic Gaglia
Assistant Principals      Mrs Lisa Deans & Mrs Katie Smith-Webb
Finance      Mrs Adelina Kusabs – Finance Officer
Mrs Siobhan Darge – Finance Assistant
Administration     Mrs Jenny Lazzaroni – Administration Officer
Mrs Caroline Hiss – Administration Assistant

Classroom Staff

Kindergarten B Mrs Danielle Glazbrook
Mrs Leanne Barns & Allanah Dedman
Kindergarten W Mrs Stefania Musbah
Mrs Jenny Lord & Mrs Katrina Dalzell
Pre Primary B      Ms Jill Pearce & Mrs Krystle Neal
Mrs Bell Simeoni
Pre Primary W      Mrs Luisa Panaia & Mrs Lorena Princi
Mrs Susanna Ammendolea
Year 1B      Miss Amy Naylor
Mrs Caroline Hiss
Year 1W      Miss Emily Paterniti
Mrs Wendy Pedulla
Year 2B      Mrs Sarah Andrew
Year 2W
Year 2 Education Assistant
Mrs Katrina Jenkins & Mrs Tara Ryan
Mrs Caren Mahoney
Year 3B      Miss Kristen Pesce
Year 3W
Year 3 Education Assistant     
Mrs Elisa Mitchell
Mrs Carmel Bova
Year 4B      Mrs Gabrielle Causerano & Mrs Cara Dilena
Year 4W
Year 4 Education Assistant
Mrs Rebecca Morrell
Mrs Connie Mezzatesta & Mrs Jackie Huntington
Year 5B      Mrs Krystel Barlow & Mrs Fran Atkinson
Year 5W
Year 5 Education Assistant      
Miss Davina Sanka
Mrs Siobhan Darge
Year 6B      Mrs Chris Caridi
Year 6W
Year 6 Education Assistant     
Miss Kate Luscombe
Mrs Janet Klaver

Specialist Staff

Special Needs & EAL/D Coordinator      Mrs Lisa Manifold
Gifted and Talented      Mrs Siobhan Kelly
Literacy Support Coordinator & Reading Recovery Ms Helen Lornie
Sports Coordinator      Mr Oliver Blatchford
Science Coordinator      Mrs Siobhan Kelly
HASS Teacher & GECKOS Coordinator      Mrs Rebecca Michaelson
Music      Mrs Vanessa Reedman
ECE      Mrs Luisa Panaia
Maths Coordinator    Miss Kristen Pesce
Library Technician      Mrs Helen Tomazin
ICT Coordinator      Mrs Iolanda Jennings
Social Worker / School Chaplaincy      Mrs Ann Cutler
Education Assistants / Support Staff      Mrs Susan Beros
Mrs Tracy Mellican
Mrs Shannon Nash
Mrs Italia Vaccaro
Mrs Melissa Vidovich
Mrs Helen Millard
Ms Tara Guerriero
Canteen / Uniform Shop       Mrs Debbie Aden & Mrs Michelle Naughtin
Groundsman      Mr Vince Bentley



Meet and Greet - 30 January 2023

On Monday 30th January 2023, you and your child/ren are invited to visit the school between the times 1.00 – 3.00pm to meet the teacher and drop off any books and stationery.

This short visit will help familiarise your child and also ease the load on the first day of school.

If you are unable to visit at this time please bring all requirements on the first day of school, Wednesday 1st February.

Dates to Remember


Uniform Shop Open
Monday 23rd January : 9.00 - 11.00 am

Campion Book Supplies School Collection
Monday 23rd January : 8.15am - 9.15 am


2023 Term Dates:


Term 1 

Wednesday 1st February : Students return to school
Friday 3rd March : Pupil Free Day

Monday 6th March : Public Holiday - Labour Day
Monday 3rd April : Parent Interviews - Early close 12.30 pm
Thursday 6th April : Last day for students
Friday 7th April : Public Holiday - Good Friday


Term 2 

Tuesday 25th April : Public Holiday - Anzac Day
Wednesday 26th April : Students return to school

Monday 5th June : Public Holiday - WA Day
Tuesday 6th June : Pupil Free Day
Friday 30th June : Last day for students


Term 3 

Monday 17th July : Pupil Free Day
Tuesday 18th July : Students return to school

Friday 22nd September : Last day for students


Term 4

Monday 9th October : Pupil Free Day
Tuesday 10th October : Students return to school

Friday 8th December : Last day for students


Please click HERE to view the School Calendar located on our Website.

Music Scholarship Congratulations

Chisholm Music Scholarship

Congratulations to Ethan for receiving a music scholarship to Chisholm Catholic College on trumpet. They only give 2 – 3 music scholarships a year. This is a very competitive scholarship to receive.

Churchlands Senior High School

Congratulations to Mikelti for not only receiving placement into Churchlands Gifted and Talented program for music on alto saxophone, but for also receiving their one and only scholarship!

The Churchlands Foundation sponsors and supports a program of scholarships and grants that has been made possible through the Solar Power to Scholarships Project. The installation of a large solar panel system has allowed savings from reduced electricity costs to be directed to scholarships and grants for Churchlands Senior High School students and staff.

Up until 2022, the Foundation has been able to offer 15 music scholarships to students in the Gifted and Talented Program. In 2023, the Foundation will be expanding the program to support deserving students and staff to work towards their education and teaching goals. Churchlands Foundation scholarships will support individual educational attainment, recognising excellence and endeavour. Grants will offer support for special projects, events or opportunities.

The Churchlands Foundation GATE Music Scholarship is valued at $3500 and will provide a sum of $2000 in the first year of the program in Year 7 and $500 in the consecutive years up Year 10.

John Forrest Specialist Music Program

Congratulations to Lylah on receiving placement into the John Forrest specialist music program on clarinet.  This program has over hundred applications and is also highly competitive.

La Salle College Band Program

Congratulations to Sienna (flute), Hendrix (trumpet), Mikeila (flute), and Khloe (flute), on receiving placement into the La Salle College band scholarship program.

Faction Points


Noonan 1111
Maali 1267
Foley 809
Francis 1067


Message from the Year 6 Senior Leaders


Camp was exquisite we were able to do archery, big swing, beach activities, mini games at night time and even more amazing activities on camp. We would like to thank the P&F for all the support and the opportunities had like: the Colour Run, pizza parties, disco and the movie night. This Tuesday we went to Adventure World and had an amazing day. Our favourite rides and slides were: Kraken, Abyss, Black widow and other amazing race slides. On Monday we had the graduation mass, we would like to thank Mr Gaglia, Mrs Caridi, Mrs Smith-Webb and all the people who gave the awards. Finally, thank you Good Shepherd. We leave with lots of happy memories of our time here. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe new year.
From Raoul, Lucas and Ethan

Kids Newspaper

Reporting 2022 - SEQTA Engage

2022 End of Year Reports were released yesterday and can be viewed through SEQTA Engage. To log into your account go to  and enter your username and password. Our Good Shepherd home page will appear and any existing reports can be found in the ‘Reports’ Tab.

2022 End of Year Reports will be released on Thursday December 8. Parents will receive notification when the Reports are released and can be viewed through SEQTA Engage. We strongly encourage parents to save an electronic copy of their child’s reports or print hard copies. When a student leaves the school parents will no longer be able to access SEQTA Engage once the roll over for the new school year occurs. 

P&F Page


Wednesday night saw Good Shepherd hold its annual Christmas concert.   What a wonderful evening it was being entertained by all the students.

Thank you to all who attended; purchased candles and enjoyed the delicious food trucks.

With your ongoing support and purchases, the P&F were able to make a donation to Wheelchair for Kids!


As this is our last newsletter for 2022, the P&F would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your continued support over the year.  We hope the last week of term brings all the craziness of fun in the lead up to the silly season.  Stay safe these holiday s and enjoy some family time over the Christmas holidays! We can’t wait to see you all again in 2023!  P.S it is never too late to join us at a meeting or event.



Each year the P&F contribute to the year 6 Graduation dinner dance with supper supplied.  This was held on Monday night and we would like to extend our thanks to our Year 5 parents for assisting in serving and organizing the food. The beginning of our Year 6’s final weeks as the leaders of the school.  Their dancing was impressive and everyone had a blast!



Congratulations Year 6 graduates! Your high school adventure awaits!

Booklists 2023

Open pencil case with zipper full of stationery on white background. Vector illustration.

Booklists for students 2023 have been sent home with your child.  

The booklist is available through Campion as per the same process as last year.  Parents will have several options to purchase and receive their Booklist prior to attending school on the first day, being Wednesday 1st February 2023.  Simply tick the items you wish to purchase on the lists provided.  Please note there are specific textbooks for year levels that must be purchased for 2023 as itemised on your booklists.

Options for ordering are:  

1.    Online Order Options   ( - School Code JBB6)

  • School Pick Up  You can place your order online by 15th December 2022 and then pick up your package from the Undercover Area on Monday 23rd January 2023 between the hours of 8:15 am until 9:15 am 
  • Delivery Options  Order online by the 15th December 2022 and delivery to your home or business FREE of charge.  Orders placed after 15th December 2022 may incur a fee. 

2.    Paper Form Order  You can pre-order your booklist by returning the form to school via the Admin Express Post Box located in the undercover area by 9th December 2022.   Your package can then be collected from the Undercover Area on Monday 23rd January 2023 between the hours of 8:15 am until 9:15 am 

3.  While You Wait Collection Service 

Collection can be arranged at Malaga and Willetton stores, please see the booklist for details.


For further information please ensure you read carefully the information on the booklist provided for your child.  If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school office. 


The following have celebrated a birthday recently/ will celebrate a birthday by the end of 2022.  We wish them a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Silva PPW
Siane 5B
Aiden 1W
Oliver 2B
Aaliyah 2B
Chloe 3B
Caoimhe 3W
Aidan 2W
Annalise KW
Liam KB
Evie PPW
Pia 1W
Noah 3W
Olivia 4W
Edie PPW
Leo 1W
Lucas 6W
Alby 6W
Valentina 5b
Sienna 6B
Khloe 5W
Elijah 1B
Keira 2B
Allegra PPB
Charlie PPW
Frederick 2B

Aria 4B
Andy 2W
Enrico 4B
Catherine 3B
Natalie PPB
Jack 6W
James 1B
Samuel 1W
Caleb 2B
Romeo 4B
Paris 1W
Josaphat 3B
Marissa 4B
Fiona KB
Sidney 2B
Jack 4W
Jayden 2B
Janelle 4W
Raghavi 6B
Luca PPW
Mrs Dalzell
Mrs Neal
Mrs Anderson
Mrs Caridi
Mrs Dilena

Students Not Attending in 2023


If your child will not be attending Good Shepherd Catholic School in 2023 you are asked to please notify the school office in writing as soon as possible.


Enrolments - Kindergarten 2024


Children born between  1st July 2019 and 30th June 2020 are eligible for Kindergarten 2024.  Kindergarten enrolments are now being accepted at the School Office.

Application forms can be obtained via the school website HERE or by phoning the School Office on 6278 9500.

Applications close Tuesday 28th February 2023


La Salle College - Christmas Carols


Midvale Hub - Parenting Service

Meerilinga Beechboro Early Learning Programs


Enrolments are now open for VacSwim swimming lessons during the summer school holidays. VacSwim offers fun lessons at beach or pool locations. They are a great school holiday activity and they teach valuable safety skills to help keep your child safe in the water.  Enrol at

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